Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AH Jesus!

I have been over the last few months studying who Jesus really is. I have nothing new to add to the understanding that Jesus so often assosiated, chilled, ate, drank beer with, and called to follow him, the lowliest of the low poeple. Jesus seems to despise the moral pharasies attitudes that just cant figure out why the sinners would do the things they do. Jesus comes along and screws everything up by seeing deep in to people souls past what was on the outside. Jesus screams purpose into souls and the lowly come alive. We have as Chrsitians have been the very poeple that Jesus called vipers and hipocrits. Forgive my spelling. I am learning to look past speach, beer, , poverty, lazieness and starting to see the very people that Jesus came to recline with. Let us give purpose for starving souls rather than offering a list of rules to help people look more like us.