Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I was talking to my mom the other about sound doctrine, and its importance. We talked about how 40 years ago the church was very much about rules and how Christians are not supposed to go to movies or play cards. When that generations kids got tired of the stupid rules they began to move away from that, and step into more "feeling God/personal relationship" style of worship meetings. So in the late 60s through the early 80s there mere massive amounts of church plants that moved away from the legalism and out of denominations into non-denominational charismatic s and philosophies. This had some positive and negative results that we are now seeing today. The product of this move was that there was a huge emphasis on worship and personal relationship through prayer and worship, but in most cases the sound doctrine of the bible was tossed aside. The result is our generation that wants to experience God and feel God but we don't really "Know" God. We grew up wanting good songs and couldnt wait to get hearing the bible so we can get back to the important stuff (Singing songs for 5 hours) We want to "Feel" God but since that is not sustaining we try to find ultimate purpose and meaning in the joy of a new cell phone or hanging more popular friends. My prayer for our generation and all generations is that we would "Know" the God of the bible and that we would find our purpose and meaning in Jesus. Feeling God without knowing the bible is not sustaining because we will devise our own understanding of who we think this god we "feel" is, but when the weight life kicks us in the chest we are left wanting.
So study the Word and join us in our study of Ecclesiastes to see if there is anything apart from Christ that is of any lasting value or meaning. Is all life vanity? Is there purpose to be found? Is there more than just "feeling" God?