Monday, September 22, 2008

Been a While

Hello to all three people that might read this. Hope your day is going well today and may this blog give you food for thought. It is 7:08p.m. and i am sitting at McDonald's in Carterville just thinking about the book of John and the text from last night out of John 3 and John 4. John the evangelist makes a great quote in chapter three that declares his deep desire that Christ would increase and he would decrease. What does that mean?
Sometimes we want to make the bible harder than it really is. Not only do we make the bible harder that it is but we make following Jesus harder than it really is. I believe that Johns quote is so simple yet so transforming and it addressees a common problem that has forever existed. That problem is the deep matrix of self. Following Jesus becomes difficult when we believe that salvation is birthed and sustained by the power of self. I hope that we can truly know that simple truth of propitiation and adoption, that Christ took the wrath that we deserve and adopted helpless people for Himself. Sometimes i wonder if we really know that we who are called by God get the righteousness of Jesus credited to us. We get the credit for Christ perfect life!
Do we not know our own insurgencies? Some of us might be Nic from chapter three and some might find ourselves more like the woman in chapter 4, but may we know that both of those people stood condemned and in need of help outside of themselves. Boast and proclaim the work of Jesus and by all means let us not glorify self. So may all of you that might read this sit back and say "Christ increase, self decrease"