Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grace for Obediance

Hello all,
Lets go. The bible is clear that graces gives a frame of reference for obedience. At first glance people can come to the conclusion that Future Grace for sins not yet committed just gives fuel to the fire for a life of sin. How radical a God that He would save and that pre-approval would draw those approved right in His footsteps. Grace and security for tomorrow has so saturated peoples soul that there is nearly an unquenchable desire for obedience. Without sustaining future grace can we actually be obedient in a healthy way? Some would say that humanity's standing with God is all based on us asking for forgiveness and wondering if we have forgotten any sin that we might have done today. Obedience then becomes vain repetition and dirty legalism based on self rather than Christ. The stamp of forgiveness of Christ finished work, securing those that are found in Him is simply the only healthy fuel for obedience. So then what does obedience look like? Live the great commission and throw your live into Gods hands. Do we trust Him or not? Trust God, be obedient. Your soul longs for that! Does it not?

Right now take a moment and ask; "What does obedience look like in my life right now?" We know our areas of disobedience. Trust Him! Trust Him! Trust Him!

Friday, July 4, 2008

One Life One Chance!

Hello to all who love Jesus and the few that might read this that have not yet experienced, or who may never experience, this hope and purpose that Christ has formed in the souls of those whose hearts He has renewed. We are closing out on our study of Ecclesiastes and are only a few more weeks away from moving into the Gospel of John. It has been such a joy to be with you all on Sunday nights and an honor to know that we are on mission together through the week. This Sunday we are going to be talking about the one life that we have to live. Solomon is going to tell us that after we die it is to late to make right what we have messed up while we were alive. John Piper has a book that is called "Don't Waste Your Life", in that book he talks about a quote that he remembers being in his home when he was a kid. This quote read "Only one Life, twill soon will be pass, only whats done for Christ will last". It is the cry of my heart for the people of the journey and the church as a whole that we would be so ravaged by the love and joy of Christ that we would live and breath every moment for the purposes of Christ. Read 2 Cor. 3 the first part of that chapter and plead with God that this be burned in our souls. To my generation and to all generations i pray that you would hear the screams of Christ, looking deep into your hearts and handing over to you purpose and meaning. Read Ecc chapter 9 and we will talk Sunday night.