Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Acts 29 Quarterly with Jeff Vanderstelt

Had a great day with Andrew yesterday up at the Journey St. Louis. Acts 29 puts on free one day mini conferences for church planters and leaders. This time Jeff Vanderstelt from Soma Communities spoke and it messed Andrew and I up. I tried as much as my ADDness would allow to make a bunch of notes so here ya go. Have fun making sense of these.
-If your staff is the only one making disciples then we are missing it.
-Live your whole life around Jesus
-"If everyone in your church lived like you would your church look any different?"
-How many of you have developed a church where your people don't have to die?
-They wont grow if they don't do
-Learn by doing it
-Plant a church that plants churches
-Just because you say it to your people that does not mean they get it
-Do they know the Gospel?
-Do they believe the Gospel?
-Let kids see the Gospel in action
-The Gospel critiques everything
-God with His people is the attraction
-Mission is not events its lifestyle
-Missionaries don't go in and jump out they go in and stay
-We should be the most rested people
-We should make the party better
-Live a life of the Gospel that demands an explination
Needless to say there was a lot to think about. I have to say i have experienced little frustrations over the last few months over some things that are not happening in our church and communities. Yesterday God pointed some things right at me and He got my attention! Looking forward to sharing more. Love ya.

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