Friday, November 27, 2009


Been missing writing Midweek Thoughts so i thought i would drop a line. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday with plenty of food and fun. It was a great day for me with lots of fiance, food, football, scrabble, and mafia (the game)haha. Last Sunday was a great night for us, and hopefully a great night for the other churches that were in attendance with us. I pray that the people that were there were awed by the Gospel.
These next 5 Sunday nights i am going to be preaching/teaching on the Holy Spirit and the fruit/gifts of the Spirit. I have been having a fun and sobering time in study and prayer as I have been preparing. So what is the importance of the Holy Spirit? Why are we in constant need of Him? Well if you look at Luke 24 and Acts 1 we can see that if not for the Holy Spirit, we need to do nothing but sit and wait. Jesus said "Wait! Do not go until you are clothed with power from on high". You see, it is essential to talk about and understand the things of the Spirit. The church has always and will always be dependent upon Him to do anything. We are clothed with power from on high! Its going to be fun!
See ya Sunday.

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