Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Last Year to Now

This last year of my life has been both great and crazy. When i moved to back to Southern Illinois to be a part of starting the Journey i had no clue what i was getting into. I knew that i loved to preach the bible and i also knew all the things that "we" would do different.
Learning to pastor has not been just a learning curve it have been more like a learning mountain. The first six months seemed to be so great and i was strolling along really good. At that point i had read a ton on church planting and on pastoring. I have come to find out that reading and experiencing can sometimes can be a little different. For the last few months i have come to feel and know the tremendous responsibility, joy, and burden of pastoring. On top of feeling this great responsibility i have also been praying about the direction of our church. There has been a battle in me as to what the best things would be for our people and our area. I was thinking and praying through many things. Thoughts of "Is doing the Journey the best thing for our area" have been prevalent in my brain. These are weird thoughts i know because any church planter would love to be in the spot we are in right now. We are growing tremendously, we have money in our budget, i am full-time, and we have the support of other churches. Still there has been a war in my head about what is best. I know have come to "Know" for sure that pastoring the Journey and moving forward as a body is what this area needs. I look forward to our many years together (Lord Willing)living out the Great Commission together.

My prayer for us as we move forward is that we would simply be obedient.